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100% Raw Indian 360 Lace Frontal 

Pure Hair Collection Raw Indian Temple 360 lace frontals are some of the best-selling products on our website. Raw Indian temple hair is the hair that is donated by women in south India to temples in order to appease their gods. This hair is then commercially purchased and made viable for use in wigs. The best quality of this hair is that it is 100% raw and pure, meaning that this hair is untouched from processing and chemical treatments from the moment that it is extracted from the head to the moment that it is prepared into a wig.

Indian hair is known to be soft and silky hair that is resistant to humidity and excess heat. It is also very easy to style and can really hold a wave or a curl. This hair is REMY hair, which ensures that the hair follicle is still intact when extracting the hair. This helps in the natural look you so desperately want to see in a wig. The pure hair collection of Indian temple hair made into a wonderous 360 lace frontal is a sight to behold. It is one of the most comfortable kinds of wigs, which also allows you to make a versatile number of hairstyles. 

The 360 lace frontal is called so due to the lace underlay underneath the actual frontal. The lace is placed in a manner that circles the frontal and gives you ample room to create a healthy-looking hairline from ear to ear. The benefit of the frontal being covered with lace on all sides is that the lace is sheer enough for you to blend it completely with your natural skin tone. The lace can be cut to mimic your hairline or make some improvements. Most of such frontals with 360 lace have plucked hair in the front, which acts as natural baby hair, making you look as natural as you would with your natural hair. This collection takes the cake, though, because of the medley of qualities that Indian temple hair brings to the convenience of the 360 lace frontals.

360 Raw Indian Wavy Lace Frontal
360 Indian Wavy Lace Frontal