Knockout Virgin Hair is 100% PURE! We provide a 100% guarantee of authenticity.

100% Pure Raw Indian Human Hair with all cuticles aligned in the same direction.

Our hair is unprocessed. There is minimal to no shedding and no matting or tangling. Hair is long-lasting; lasts up to five years.

Raw Indian hair is luxurious, extremely soft, full-bodied, slightly coarse, thick, and has a natural low-luster sheen.

Our mission is to provide quality, remy human hair that is sourced responsibly.

What is Raw Hair?

Raw Indian hair is untouched, unprocessed hair. Mostly, it is the hair donated in hair temples of South India as a religious practice.

It is thick, lustrous, more flexible, and durable than any other type of hair.

The reason why it’s highly preferred is because it has a beautiful texture, comes in naturally dark color, and works well for weaving hair applications.

It is versatile and can be styled to achieve any look effortlessly.

Its beauty, last for a very long time.

We at Knockout believe that everyone deserves long-lasting, lustrous locks that last them a lifetime which is why we take out time to select the finest raw hair for our clients.

Fall In Love with Pure Raw Indian Temple Hair


Real raw virgin hair only comes in Natural Straight, Natural Wavy, and Natural Curly patterns.


Our company buys the hair directly from the temples in India.


We actually PROVE & GUARANTEE we have 100% unprocessed RAW virgin hair that came straight from the single donor.

Raw Hair is the Best on the Market!

Raw hair is the purest hair extension you will find in the market. It’s in its completely natural form, implying no heat, steam, or chemical processing whatsoever.

It is directly cut from the donor’s head and wefted without the usage of any chemicals. Raw Indian hair is available in three different textures- straight, curly, and wavy.

Raw hair is among the top quality hair extensions that will help you enhance your beauty for many years to come.

When buying raw human hair, one thing to keep in mind is that no 2 bundles are exactly the same since raw hair is never steamed to achieve a uniformed pattern. However, two identical bundle patterns aren’t very different from each other.

Why Choose Raw Hair Extensions?

There’s no tangling or matting since the hair is procured directly from the donor’s head.

The hair is not treated with acids or any other harsh chemicals.

The hair is in its raw, natural form. Therefore, you have complete control over the products you use on your extensions.

It is durable and has great texture.

So what are you waiting for? Place an order to look chic, anytime you want with our gorgeous raw hair extensions.


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