Premium Quality Virgin Hair Extensions from India

Chemically free, our hair will enhance the length, color and texture of your natural hair leaving you with a flawless and refined weave or hair extension style. Our hair can be reused up to a year.

Once the raw hair is sourced from the Temples of India and private suppliers in South East Asia, it is thoroughly inspected, cleaned and manufactured into our trademark collections of products. Once the hair completes the long journey to our production and fulfillment facilities in the United States, the quality assurance process continues with a complete washing and inspection to identify any imperfections.

Our hair is then shipped out in its final form to our loyal clients across the United States and around the world. This full control of the production process allows us to create unique products that you won't find anywhere else.

Our hair is pure, 100% virgin hair that has never been mixed, chemically processed or altered. You will never find a synthetic or animal fiber mixed in our hair. Remy Hair does not tangle. Remy hair has all the attributes of natural flowing hair. It wears and washes with ease.

What's the Difference Between Knockout Virgin Hair & Other Hair on the Market?

Our hair is never mixed with several lengths. In fact, mixing hair is not a step in our production process. We pre-select the hair to find the absolute best quality to export to USA and Europe.

No mixing involved. Always the donor’s natural hair length.

Each and every piece of our hair has the cuticle intact. There is no silicone coating process involved.

Our hair is unprocessed, clean, fresh and natural. There is absolutely no silicone process involved. Our hair needs no silicone. Silicone would interfere with the natural beauty and attributes of the hair.

Fall In Love with Pure Raw Indian Temple Hair


Real raw virgin hair only comes in Natural Straight, Natural Wavy, and Natural Curly patterns.


Our company buys the hair directly from the temples in India.


We actually PROVE & GUARANTEE we have 100% unprocessed RAW virgin hair that came straight from the single donor.

Protect your natural hair!

100% Authentic Raw Virgin Indian hair.

Each bundle is beautifully unique with a gorgeous natural wavy pattern and comes from a single donor.

Wave patterns will vary from bundle to bundle since all our hair is 100% natural and non-processed. Natural wavy is our most popular texture! Easily flat iron straight, or add curls. Extremely versatile!

NOTE: We use our natural wavy Indian Temple for our steam processing refers to using hot water vapor to create a consistent curl pattern in the hair; no chemicals are used. After 4 to 6 washed hair will turn into back into natural wavy Indian Temple texture.


Virgin hair simply means that the hair is completely natural and unprocessed without any chemicals. Since the hair is completely natural, there has been no damage to the cuticles or the true structure of the hair.

The hair’s cuticle layer actually protects the hair, and provides a natural luster as hair naturally appears growing from the scalp.

Most hair that you find in beauty supply stores is not 100% Virgin hair, or Single Drawn for that matter.

It may look perfect in the package, but when you start using it only lasts a couple of months at best.

All of our Virgin Indian hair is not treated with any chemicals or processing, making it true Virgin Indian hair.

Our hair has a lifespan of up to 1-2 years with proper care.


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