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100% Raw Indian ITips Extensions 

ITIPS hair extensions are the future of hair extensions. These are the extensions that are so well-hidden that they become impossible to find in your hair. Say goodbye to the awkwardness that ensues when a gust of wind blows your hair out of place. You no longer need to be worried about exposing your extensions when using Itip hair extensions.

ITIP hair extensions are also called micro-bead, micro-link, and stick-tip hair extensions. These extensions are attached close to the root of your hair through microbeads or links that are first placed at the area where the extensions are to be attached and then pulled through with a hair hooking tool. Then, the extensions are added sticky side up, to the micro link, and hair pliers are used to close the microbead at its mouth.

The best part of having ITIP extensions is that these extensions grow out with your hair which means that there is no strange period where you have to hide the growth of your hair to keep your extensions. Your stylist can easily push the extensions upwards nearer to the root of the grown hair, and you can leave the salon refreshed and beautified!

These extensions cause close to no damage to your hair at all and are sturdy enough to not breakaway at the slightest. Indian raw wavy hair extensions are the best way to create a lasting look that can be refreshed at a minimal cost. With our deals on ITIP extensions, you will find it increasingly within your means to afford the care that comes with using ITIPS Raw Indian Hair Extensions!

Raw Indian Wavy ITIPS
Raw Indian Wavy ITIPS