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Blonde Indian Hair Collection 

The bleached blonde collection on our website is made of processed bleached Indian wavy hair that is donated by devotees at temples in south India. The hair when it is donated is completely raw and pure virgin hair, this hair has been chemically treated to achieve this blonde color.  It is healthy hair that is used to make wigs and weaves along with other hair products commercially. This hair is used for its brilliant quality of being durable and easy to style. Indian hair is known to be some of the most voluminous and textured hair in the market for wigs, and it does not disappoint.

This hair is first extracted from the donor while keeping the hair follicle intact in order to maintain a natural look on the hair. The aim here is to make a wig or weave that is most natural looking to avoid any awkward encounters wherein the hair looks oddly hanging off your scalp. The bleached blonde Indian hair collection is your go-to, one-stop-shop to purchase the most exquisite bleached and treated hair, that is sure to remain intact without breakage and withstands heat tool styling. This hair is strong and looks shiny and silky smooth. If you are looking to adorn your naturally blonde tresses and enhance the volume of it, this collection is perfect for you.

With the shine of Indian hair, the durability and softness of the natural hair, and REMY process for the extraction, all products in the bleached blonde collection are the epitome of graceful beauty. The hair in these products is a perfect platinum blonde, and due to the great quality of hair, it does not bottle blonde at all but looks natural and glistening. The products of this collection make a great addition to any wig wearers kit, especially if you intend to color your hair and wig in the future.

Blonde Indian Wavy 4x4 Lace Closure
Blonde Indian Wavy Individual Bundle
Blonde Indian Wavy Lace Frontal
Blonde Indian Wavy Lace Frontal