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100% Raw Indian Lace Closures 

Indian raw and unprocessed hair is one of a kind donated hair found in southern India where devotees donate their hair to temples in order to please their deities. These donations are then bought and sewn into brilliant hair wigs that are so well-crafted that they can look almost completely natural on your head.  Indian hair comes in black and brown color tones and is mostly wavy, curly, and kinky hair, though straight hair is rare but available. This hair is healthy and completely free of chemical treatments, meaning that it is not susceptible to damage, and will last at least one year if styled judiciously. This hair is also known to be extremely durable and healthy to look at with shine glistening off the dry hair as well. Using Indian hair to make hair wigs is a practice that is quickly replacing fake-looking synthetic hair which sometimes melts due to exposure to heat treatment tools, or shrivels up when processed. 

Closure wigs are the best option for beginners in the world of wigs and are essentially an attachment to a weave that helps in completing the wig without using your natural hair and risking damage to it. Lace closures are hand-sewn into the wigs and are frontal closures. The hair is sewn into brown or skin-toned lace which gives it the appearance of having grown naturally and is tied by hand to the lace which is a thin and breathable fabric. Hair closures can be tied into the back of the hairline to incorporate the wavy aesthetic of the wig, and giving off the appearance of naturally growing hair.   

 Hair closures come in categories such as middle part closures, side-parted closures, and free parting closures. Hair closures also come with a soft front of baby-hair which can be styled according to your preferred style for your natural hair, such as setting them down as edges around your face or leaving them to add character to your face. These wigs are creations of modern technology that are preferred by many stylists as it minimizes the damage to your naturally growing hair. With these lace closures, the pressure gets taken off from your roots which may suffer the most from this process.

4x4 Raw Indian Straight Lace Closure
4x4 Straight Lace Closure
4x4 Raw Indian Curly Lace Closure
4x4 Raw Curly Lace Closure
Raw Indian Wavy Lace Closure
Raw Indian Wavy Lace Closure