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100% Raw Indian Lace Frontals

While lace closure wigs may give you that perfect part to show off, frontal wigs are the elite look for such wigs. These wigs give you an artificial hairline going from one ear to the other. This hairline looks so natural and wonderful, as it can be crafted to your natural hairline perfectly. So, if you have issues with your natural hairline, or feel that your hair is sparce in some places, these frontal wigs are for you! These can be used when wearing wigs, weaves, and other extensions that volumize your hair and lend it texture.   

Indian hair in itself is some of the softest and silkiest hair in the market for wigs as it comes from donors in India. These donors donate their hair to temples as appeasement for their deities, and later this hair is sold to make wigs. This hair is virgin and unprocessed hair with no chemical treatments at all. It is smooth and has an amazing texture, along with being tangle-free, matting free, and very strong and durable. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that this hair is used to build hairlines for all those women who struggle with their own! The lace underlay in these wigs is large enough to go from ear to ear and extends a few inches on the scalp as well. The forehead area is completely covered with breathable lace fabric which can easily be cut to mimic your natural hairline, and thereby make your look complete and natural to look at.

There are various sizes and lengths available in the Indian frontal lace wigs that you can purchase from our website. The recommended lengths are mentioned with each product. Each and every strand of hair in these frontals is hand sewn into a wig and then lace is attached to the front of it in order to make an enviable wig with a fantastic fit. Frontals are what the experts and stylists use in order to close their wigs in the front of their hairlines while wearing weaves, wigs, or extensions.

13x4 Raw Indian Curly Lace Frontal
13x4 Curly Lace Frontal Wigs
13x4 Wavy Lace Frontals
Raw Indian Wavy Lace Frontal
13x4 Raw Indian Straight Lace Frontal
Remy Indian Straight Lace Frontal