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100% Raw Indian Tape Extensions

Tape-in extensions are hair extensions that come with adhesive medical-grade tape that can be attached to the root of your hair. These extensions are very solid and do not come off easily. Tape-in extensions are very easy to apply and extract and cause minimal damage as well. These extensions are the best option out there for women who want a simple and sleek look but also switch up their natural look at the same time. With thin bases and no bulging tips, these extensions give you a look that is unachievable without the help of a professional.

Tape-in extensions are great to use as they can be applied at home with no difficulty. These are great and durable as they do not slip off or meander down. Tape-in extensions are also reusable. These extensions are not heavy on the pocket at all, and you may only purchase as many extensions as you think you may use. With installation done and ready within 30 minutes at most, it is one of the most undamaging processes. In fact, these extensions are highly recommended for women who are facing breakage and coloring issues that affect the length of the hair.

These short wear extensions are perfect for styling quickly and wearing them out. Though with a shorter life, our range of tape in extensions are durable under a large amount of heat treatment or styling. Applying for these extensions properly is an art that can be learned in a short amount of time as well, and completely eliminated the need to have your stylist present.

Raw Indian Wavy Tape In Hair Extensions
Raw Indian Wavy Tape In Hair Extensions