Raw Indian Wavy Keratin I- Tip Hair - (100 ITIPS per pack)


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Raw Indian Wavy Keratin I- Tip Hair  - (100 ITIPS per pack)
Raw Indian Wavy Keratin I- Tip Hair  - (100 ITIPS per pack)

DISCLAIMER: Every set of ITIPS is independently counted for quality assurance to ensure there is 100 individual ITIPS is in each pack. Each of 16” and 18” i-Tip weighs 0.8grams and each of 20” to 26” i-Tip weighs 1 gram. (100 ITIPS = 1 bundle). 

Are you looking for the convenience of ITIPS but don’t want to spend each day installing and removing them over and over again? Then I-Tips are the way to go! These multi-textured hair extensions give you all of the style, with none of the fuss.

We love our ITIPS virgin hair extensions, but unfortunately, they take a little bit of work to style and remove each day.

With our raw Indian natural wavy I-Tips extensions, you can have them installed by a professional near you (or do it yourself if you have the experience!) and forget about them. You can go to sleep wearing them, go for a swim, and go all out with your styling choices without feeling like your hair is weighed down. Better yet, you also won’t have to use glue or heat to have them installed, which means that your natural hair is safe from harm.

These low-maintenance and long-lasting hair extensions are the easiest way to add volume, movement, and style to any look. The sky is the limit when it comes to styling these raw virgin Indian natural hair extensions, so cut and dye whenever you’d like! We do however recommend that you work with a professional salon to do so, to ensure the best possible results and quality.

We’ve got a tip when it comes to ITIPS extensions treat them with care and you’ll get years of wear! Be sure to deep condition your virgin hair extensions at least once every two weeks.


Why you would love this product:

  • Come in 1 single bundle of 100 i-tips (average full head needs 200 - 300 tips) - Buying Recommendation is 2 to 3 of (100 i-tips per pack) **we independently count each bundle to ensure their is 100 ITIPS in each pack. 
  • 100% raw and unprocessed human hair
  • No synthetic fibers
  • Cut directly from single donor

Hair Tip: 

For most we recommend at least (2) packs for a complete full look if you lack volume, but it depends on the amount of hair you have and your desired length and fullness. For lengths over 20", it's highly recommended you purchase 3 packs. 

  • One Bundle Set - 100 ITIPS
  • Glam Full Set - 200 ITIPS 
  • Ultra Full Set - 300 ITIPS 

Install, Removal & Reinstallation: Our I-Tip is counted by hand (100 ITIPS each pack), pre-tipped with Keratin and is ready to install 

Raw Indian Wavy Keratin I- Tip Hair  - (100 ITIPS per pack)
Raw Indian Wavy Keratin I- Tip Hair  - (100 ITIPS per pack)

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