Raw Indian Wavy ITIPS



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Raw Indian Wavy ITIPS
Raw Indian Wavy ITIPS

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ITIPS Indian Wavy hair extensions are the biggest trend in the style and fashion world and will transform the way you look at hair extensions altogether. These extensions are so easy to have installed, and look so natural, that you will find these addicting. The best part about the ITIPS hair extensions is the complete lack of hair damage or root damage due to the use of chemicals or treating of the hair. There is no chemical involved in these extensions unlike the keratin bonding extensions, which means that these extensions truly are every girl's dream come true!

ITIPS are also some of the most durable Indian hair extensions and can be used for months without wear. Raw Indian hair extensions in the form of ITIPS are cost-saving, natural to look at, and extremely comfortable. You do not require to take them out when sleeping or swimming, can easily wash your hair while you have them on, and since they are lightweight, you do not feel the weight of them in your head. ITIPS extensions are the best kind of extensions in the market as they do not pose any risk and can be styled in any manner, without the fear of letting the extensions show.

Each pack carries 25 ITIPS extensions.  These inexpensive options for hair extensions are the most viable way to change up the length of your hair or expand on the density and volume of your hair in places you feel it is needed. Since these extensions are only wavy, it is advisable to only wear them if you have naturally wavy hair or plan to style your hair in that texture, as otherwise, it is not easy to blend the extensions with your natural hair.

  • 100% human hair is used for making 1hairstop bonds
  • Each pack comes with 25 keratin tips
  • The average weight of the tips is 1 gram
  • 4.5 mm (standard micro-rings fit the i-tip extensions)
  • Tangle-free and can be coloured to any lighter or darker shade
  • Please allow 3 weeks for delivery 

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    Raw Indian Wavy ITIPS
    Raw Indian Wavy ITIPS