Raw Indian Wavy ITIPS



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Raw Indian Wavy ITIPS
Raw Indian Wavy ITIPS

Our Raw Indian Wavy I-tips are famous for their versatility and movement.

These extensions are so easy to have installed, and look so natural, that you will find these addicting.


I-tips require no heat or glue for them to be installed. 

With i-tips hair extensions, your hair can be pulled into a natural-looking ponytail, or simply allow your hair to flow in the wind.

i-tips do not require you to take them out when sleeping or swimming, you can easily wash your hair while you have them on, and since they are lightweight, you do not feel the weight of them in your head.

Our Raw Indian Wavy hair requires minimum maintenance to achieve its soft touch and sleek lustrous beauty.

It can be wet for a perfect wet and wavy look. It can be worn in its natural state, curled, styled, or flat ironed and managed easily. You can even dye it with ease.. 

To get a silky straight look, you can use a flat iron or can be worn in its natural wavy pattern. 

It will provide you with lots of movement. Versatility at its finest.

If you do not treat your hair accordingly, you will be disappointed.

This is how you protect your investment, treat your hair extensions as if it's your own natural hair. And your hair extensions will love you for it!

Raw Indian Wavy requires deep condition at least once every two weeks.  We highly recommend that you (co-wash), conditioner only wash once a week. This is essential for the best results.

You can add Argan Oil Serum lightly to tame the frizz if you are in a place with high humidity.

NOTE: Too much hair serum can make the hair heavy as well!

Before sleeping, wrap hair in silk or satin scarf or sleep on a pillow that is silk/satin.

You will experience minimal shedding every day, as this is single donor hair – that is 100% natural all hair sheds. 

Raw Indian Wavy is instantly beautiful that requires low maintenance, it very natural looking and blends very well with your own hair. Raw Indian hair can last up to five years with proper care.  

  • Origin: Indian Temple regions 

  • 100% raw and unprocessed human hair

  • No synthetic, animal hair mixed hence heat can be used.

  • Cut directly from a single donor head.

  • Versatility: Can be curled, straighten, worn-in natural state, and dyed.

  • Longevity: 3 – 5 years or more with proper care and maintenance.

  • Tangle free

  • Minimal shedding with proper care – all hair shed, it’s 100% natural.

  • Hair color: No two packs will be alike in color or pattern.

  • Texture remains the same after multiple washes.

  • Cuticles aligned in one direction.

  • Re-useable

  • Varies of lengths available.

  • Each pack comes with 25 keratin tips.

  • The average weight of the tips is 1 gram.

  • Price above is for 100 grams which is a (4 packs x25 tips) Example: 1 pack = 25 i-tips

  • 4.5 mm (standard micro-rings fit the i-tip extensions)

  • Low maintenance texture 

  • Please allow 3 weeks for delivery.  


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    Raw Indian Wavy ITIPS
    Raw Indian Wavy ITIPS