Blonde Indian Wavy Individual Bundle



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Blonde Indian Wavy Individual Bundle

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Wavy patterned hair bundles are those which contain hair that has undergone a rigorous treatment before being woven into a weave, or extension. This hair goes through three days of treatment through steaming procedures that give it the signature body waves. This process makes it so that you do not need to use heated tools for styling the hair at all, and looks naturally wavy when worn. If you are attaching this to your natural hair, you will require to style your hair in order to match the wave pattern on this weave.

The wefts in this category are not only steamed waves but are also bleached blond, making it a great combination of class and fun, while keeping it stylish. The manner in which this steam-textured raw Indian hair is made into body waves includes no chemical treatments and the hair is still virgin hair. However, when bleaching the hair, some amount of processing goes into it. However, the results of bleaching Indian hair are fantastic as the hair is healthy virgin hair, to begin with, and is then bleached safely. Ordinarily, you may have to purchase raw Indian hair in order to bleach it to your tone of preference, but these bleached blonde body waves subtract that amount of time you would have to spend. Moreover, bleached hair should not be subjected to a lot of heat and tools for styling, and therefore it makes complete sense to purchase steamed body waves. These waves are natural-looking, and add fullness to your hair. They can be washed and last for up to two years.

You can purchase bundles of 12”, 14”, 16”, 18”, 20”, 22”, 24” and 26” as well. Each product required a few days to be processed to deliver to you the prettiest wavy bleached blonde hair.

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Blonde Indian Wavy Individual Bundle

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